Krishna Chemical is well equipped with sophisticated machinery and instruments. The manufacturing process is such that the end product is flawless. The company takes care of the quality standard. It uses only the very best of raw material to give the desired quality product. In the processing of the product, a double check is done at every stage of manufacturing. In near future all the testing will be done in a computerized network.

R & D

Krishna Chemical have persistently emphasized on TQM. The main ingredient of Krishna Chemical success and achievement is quality at every level. Krishna Chemical total attention is on R & D with the latest Machinery and equipment since for a successful company R & D is the heart of its industrial growth. This has enable Krishna Chemical to achieve greater heights by creating a reputation in the global market. Krishna Chemical has developed new products, improved productivity, practice stringent and voluntary quality standards and improvisation at all the levels. R & D is managed by qualified and inquisitive technical minds under the proper and thorough guideline of the M.D. Krishna Chemical believe that in the 21st century the company that emphasizes on R & D and customer satisfaction so as to be a successful organization will win the race. Krishna Chemical is equipped with State of the art testing facilities that include color matching Spectro – Photo Meters, Vibro Shaker, Automatic Muller, Automatic Film Applicator, Two roll mill with Hydriodic Press, Bead Mill, Triple Roll Mill.