Plastisol printing pastes : based on a vinyl resin dispersed in plasticizer; characterized by virtually 100% non-volatility (no solvent is present); used frequently for printing on dark or dark-colored fabrics. Components of plastisol printing pastes consist of

1. PVC homopolymer (i.e., a vinyl resin) dispersed in phthalate plasticizer;
2. liquid plasticizer (i.e., dialkyl phthalate or di-iso-octyl phthalate);
3. heat and light stabilizers (i.e., liquid barium/cadmium/zinc combined with an epoxy plasticizer);
4. high proportion of extender to improve wet-on-wet properties.

Printing pastes are made up of four main components:

The coloring matter used (dyes or pigments)
The binding agent
The solvent
The auxiliaries.